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We offer tutoring classes for all nursing students, who has either completed a LPN or RN program and is approved by a board of nursing.

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 We have a Free online  live or in person review that we will be doing for 2.5 hrs on May 28th 2019

Optional. If you like you can purchase our mini manual to follow along during the class $25.00

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The best decision I ever made was to come to NCLEX Simplicity Tutoring Services and it's safe to say it is the best decision I have made because I passed the exam with 76 questions.


First off I would love to thank God for allowing me to pass the NCLEX. After God I have to thank Mrs. Meomi. She has guided me every step of the way, she is was always available for me. She provided me with all the tools necessary to pass. I truly appreciate you.


Nclex Simplicity Blueprint Manual


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Nclex Simplicity Mini Manual will help you follow along in the Free 2.5 hours Nclex session

In the manual we will outline the core content you need to master in order to pass class

It will include:

1. Content 

2. Questions 

3. Nclex Guide

4. Weekly Planner.......and many  more